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About Us

The KnotFormed in 1990, the Vieux Carre’ Band has been at the center of the New Orleans music scene, and is one of the top local bands across Louisiana.

It’s unique sound is a blend of a wide variety of top tunes reaching across the past fifty years. Mix that with their broad range of talented musicians, their exciting live stage charisma, and the flavor of the Big Easy, you have the perfect band for your next event! Whether it’s headlining a concert for thousands, creating the perfect wedding music or simply providing background music for a restaurant, the Vieux Carre’ Band is your first and best choice for your event.

The band’s unique sound and stage experience has allowed them to open for powerhouse music icons including Keith Urban, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Midnight Star, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Village People, The Pointer Sisters, The Temptations and many others.

Very much in demand, the Vieux Carre’ Band has performed at such notable events as the Krewes of Endymion in the Superdome, Bacchus, The San Francisco 49ers Anniversary Party and Zulu. They have performed for celebrities Emeril Lagasse, Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Arnold, Brittany Spears, Jack Wagner and Gene Simmons, to name a few. The band also served as the studio band for “The Mike Ditka Show” for two seasons. Despite the wide variety of venues the band has played, all of the events have had one thing in common. The the Vieux Carre’ Band’s music and showmanship made each event a tremendous success! Now you can have that same success at your next event. Here are just a small sample of what the the Vieux Carre’ Band can do for you.


Rachel Fleetwood

Rachel Fleetwood is a native New Orleanian.  She began singing at an early age and knew there was no other passion for her, but to sing.  Her earliest influences include: Barbra Streisand, Karen Carpenter and Ann Wilson, from Heart.  Rachel has been a professional musician, singer and songwriter for over 20 years.  She is classically trained by the renowned vocalist and vocal coach, Mrs. Barbara Bernard.

Rachel also has a passion for recording and producing music. She is the co-creator and the lead singer of the Vieux Carré Band.  She currently resides in New Orleans and in Nashville, TN where she is pursuing a publishing deal for her original songs.

Rachel has opened and performed for: Keith Urban, Ray Charles, Sir Paul McCartney, Mike Ditka, Rosie O’Donnell, Emeril Lagasse, Tom Arnold, The San Francisco 49ers, Better Than Ezra, The Pointer Sisters, LeAnne Rimes, Gene Simmons and Midnight Star to name a few.  The Vieux Carré Band was also featured in the 2001 New Orleans Superbowl and the house band for the Mike Ditka television show.

Rachel works with the Humane Society which is very dear to her heart.  She also sits on the Board in her community as the Entertainment Director and works as a cosmetologist.

God, her family, and her two dogs, Zoe and Isabella, are the most important things in her life.  Her strong faith and spirituality have taught her the most important thing in life is to give back and affect someone else’s life in a positive way.


Vieux Carré is celebrating its 20th year anniversary! If you have ever owned a business, you would know this no small feat. Keeping a band together takes perseverance and the art of re-inventing yourself.

After Hurricane Katrina, we lost some of our musicians that were with us for 12 and 13 years. This was a devastating loss to the group. There was much uncertainty as to whether or not to continue with the band. When we all returned home from evacuating, we realized how much our city meant to us. The whole city came together and shared this common bond. We survived the largest disaster in U.S. history.  People reached out and helped each other, as well as people throughout the United States. We knew at this point that we could not give up on our great city.  Like many other bands, it was tough to get gigs at first, but in time, things began to come back. August 29, 2005 defined New Orleans as the city that was almost broken, but that God spared.  We are here and New Orleans is coming back stronger than ever!

Vieux Carré has been blessed to have some of the finest musicians in Louisiana.  We would love to thank all of the musicians who have played with us through the years and are still playing with us.

People I would like to acknowledge: I would like to thank my sister; Cherryse Zeller and Chung Nguyen for helping me bring my concept for this website to fruition.  Last, but certainly not least, my biggest fan, my mom, Gigi.

Just a thought:

Isn’t it amazing that we never see life for what it is…
We all have it in us to cherish every moment and make each moment count…
It doesn’t cost a thing to have a thought…
We have it in us all to dream…
We have all been given the gift of life…
We all choose to be who we become…
We choose whether to be kind, giving or help one another…
We all get caught up in self gain and self doubt…
We ALL need to reach out to others and show more love…

Rachel Fleetwood